D. Y. Patil University, Ambi, Pune offers separate hostel facilities for male and female students, designed to foster camaraderie, confidence, and discipline in a safe, comfortable learning environment. Hostel life provides ample opportunities for academic development and skill acquisition through extended access to campus facilities like libraries. It also encourages social interaction and personal growth, helping students form lasting friendships and develop resilience. Newcomers find a second home in these hostels, which include a newly constructed multi-story building for over 700 students and two additional buildings housing 300 more. The hostels feature spacious, well-ventilated rooms with garden views, and amenities such as a dining hall, common room, medical facilities, and a gym.


The administration of the hostel at D. Y. Patil University, Pune, Ambi, is overseen by a Warden in coordination with the Registrar. Support in rule enforcement and hostel management is provided by Deputy Wardens/Counsellors. A Core Committee, established by the university, assists in the overall administration and addresses core hostel issues. The Hostel Office and the Warden’s Residence are conveniently located within the hostel premises, ensuring seamless operation. The hostels are staffed with attendants, housekeeping, and other personnel responsible for the daily operations and maintenance, ensuring a well-managed living environment for the students.

  • Seats are allotted through a random selection process based on responses to the Online Hostel Enquiry Form.
  • Certain seats are reserved for Reserved Category/Weaker section/International students, adhering to the university’s policy.
  • Admission and continued residency are contingent upon academic performance and good behavior.
  • Rooms are assigned for the academic year and changes are only made under special circumstances with Rector approval.
  • Hostel accommodation is granted to students enrolled in any of the university's schools.
  • Hostel fees must be paid at the time of admission confirmation.
  • Applications for hostel admission must be submitted online/offline within the specified timeframe along with the following documents:
    • Fee receipt of admission.
    • Date of Birth Certificate.
    • Proof of Residence/Domicile Certificate.
    • Three self-attested passport-size photographs.
    • Documents supporting reserved category status, if applicable.
    • Local Guardian’s photograph and address, verified through any one of these documents: Voter ID, utility bills, passport, or Aadhar card.
  • Students must sign an undertaking at admission to adhere to Hostel Policy, Rules, and Code of Conduct, with a guardian’s countersignature. Breaches may lead to disciplinary actions.
  • A Medical Certificate from a registered medical practitioner is required at admission, disclosing all medical history.
  • An Anti-Ragging Undertaking must be signed in accordance with UGC guidelines.
  • Students are not permitted to vacate the hostel during the academic year; doing so will result in the forfeiture of the entire year's hostel fees without a refund.
  • Providing misleading or false information on the hostel admission form will lead to cancellation of admission and forfeiture of fees.

A formal Induction Program will be organized for new hostel students, with advance notification provided. This program is designed to help students interact with fellow hostel residents and college students. It includes a brief introduction to hostel and campus life, facilitating a smoother transition for newcomers.


Accommodation/Hostel Fees :

Particulars Hostel Fees per student per annum
Single Occupancy Rs. Double Occupancy Rs. Triple Occupancy Rs.
New Hostel
Exclusive Separate Building for (Boys & Girls)
70,000 65,000 60,000
OLD Boys Hostel 45,000
OLD Girls Hostel 45,000

Payment Schedule:

The Hostellers have to follow the following schedule for payment of Hostel Fees.

Sr. No. Particulars Amount
1 At the Time of Admission in Hostel 100 % of Hostel Fees
CANTEEN/MESS (Legends Cafe)

Residents must adhere to the payment schedule for food charges at Legends Café, where eating with a coupon is mandatory. Students should carry their coupons to the mess and inform the Mess Supervisor in advance about absences or nights out.
If a student is ill, a written request endorsed by the Rector must be submitted to the Supervisor for food to be served in the room. Students are urged to avoid food wastage and are reminded that outsiders are not permitted in the mess. Guests may enter with prior approval from the Supervisor, and applicable charges will apply. Bringing outside food or containers into the hostel is strictly forbidden.

Mess Timings:

  • Breakfast: 7:00 AM to 8:45 AM
  • Lunch: 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM
  • Dinner: 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM

Timings must be strictly followed by all residents.

  • Health services are accessible 24/7 within the campus with dedicated doctors for male and female students.
  • In emergencies, residents are transported to the nearest hospital, and local guardians are immediately informed.
  • Thereafter, local guardians must take over responsibility, including treatment costs, emphasizing the importance of keeping updated contact information.
The hostel provides Wi-Fi and uninterrupted electricity to support students' academic needs.
An IDBI Bank ATM is located on the university campus. Residents are advised to handle their banking instruments carefully and avoid keeping excessive cash or valuables in their rooms, as the university is not liable for losses.
  • Security is maintained around the clock with guards stationed at the main hostel gate.
  • CCTV surveillance is in place to ensure resident safety at all times.
The hostel offers common rooms where residents can engage in indoor games like carom and chess, read daily newspapers and magazines, and watch television with cable access. Additional recreational facilities include a badminton court and open-air spaces for various activities. Residents also have access to the gymnasium and cricket ground for sports such as cricket, basketball, volleyball, and football, available during designated times set by the hostel authorities.
Hostellers are not permitted to stay in the hostel during class hours from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. They must check into the hostel before 9:00 PM and are required to log their entry and exit in the register maintained by the warden or security. A designated silence hour is enforced from 10:30 PM to 6:00 AM daily, and violations will result in disciplinary action.
All hostellers must report to the hostel by 9:00 PM, with attendance taken at 9:30 PM via both a signed and biometric register; latecomers must sign a separate register.
Parents or authorized visitors can meet hostellers in the lobby during designated times with permission from hostel authorities. No visitors are allowed to stay in hostellers' rooms, but a guest room may be booked in advance on a payment basis, subject to availability. Stays in boys or girls hostels by parents, guardians, or guests are strictly prohibited.
  • Hostellers needing to leave for external commitments must secure an Outpass via an SMS request from their parent or authorized guardian's registered number, detailing the duration and reason.
  • To stay in the hostel or leave during teaching hours, students require special permission from their HOD/Dean and parents/guardians.
  • Hostellers may leave the hostel with parents/guardians on holidays with prior approval from the hostel authority.
Official Tour/Travel:
  • Hostellers attending university-organized events must obtain prior permissions from their HOD/Dean and parents.
  • Parental consent for such travels must be in writing.
  • Notification to the hostel authority is also required.
  • Students must clear their belongings from their rooms during notified vacations to facilitate maintenance.
  • Students wishing to stay over for internships or summer terms must seek prior approval from their HOD/Dean and hostel authorities, with accommodation provided on a payment basis additional to regular hostel fees.
Hostellers are allowed to celebrate festivals and birthdays within the hostel premises with prior approval from hostel authorities. Celebrations are to be held in common areas for one to two hours and must conclude by 8:30 PM, after which students are required to return to their rooms. These events should not cause discomfort to other residents, and the presence of outside guests or any interference is strictly prohibited.
  • Students seeking to cancel their hostel admission must submit a written request to the Warden at least one month in advance, with the application countersigned by a parent or guardian.
  • If admission is cancelled within one month from the date of admission, the refund will be calculated as follows:
    • Refund of the hostel annual fees, minus an amount equal to 1/10th of the annual fees for each month of residence.
  • No claims for a refund of annual charges will be entertained after one month from the admission date. If admission is cancelled as stated and the full fee has not been paid, the outstanding amount will be due.

As per the Code of Conduct of D Y Patil University, Ambi, Pune disciplinary action shall be taken against the students violating Hostel Rules and Regulations.

  • The residents of the Hostel shall be provided rooms on the basis of occupancy of Room.
  • Rooms duly allotted cannot be changed without prior written approval of the Warden.
  • At the time of Admission, a resident will have to give an undertaking that she will abide by the rules and regulations of the Hostel as framed from time to time. This undertaking will have to be signed by the parents/ guardian of the resident.
  • No resident is allowed to go out or come inside the Hostel after 9.00 pm. However, one late night entry and one night out per week will be allowed with the prior permission of the Warden. The Hostel Incharge/ Rector can allow late nights and night outs only after a written request has been received from the parents or the local Guardian of the resident. The Hostel Administration will have no responsibility about the conduct of the resident outside the Hostel premises.
  • D Y Patil University Campus is a NO SMOKING ZONE and NO ALCOHOL ZONE. Consumption of Alcohol, intoxicants and smoking are strictly prohibited. Any Resident found indulging in the above shall face disciplinary action including Expulsion from the Hostel.
  • Every resident is responsible for care and maintenance of the room and furniture provided to them including the locks and keys. Residents should keep their rooms and surroundings tidy. They are not to disfigure the walls, roofs, doors or windows. Any vandalism will be subject to disciplinary action. Any damage to the Hostel property of collective use is liable to lead to a collective penalty on all bonafide residents of the Hostel.
  • Residents are not permitted to use appliances such as heaters and electric irons without the prior permission of the Warden.
  • Residents at all times are expected to conduct themselves with due regard to the comfort and convenience of other residents. Residents must maintain proper decorum in the Hostel. They are required to behave properly with members of the staff and their fellow residents.
  • Residents are required to maintain silence in the corridors and the allotted room. Residents must switch off fans, lights and air conditioners when they are going out of their rooms.
  • Playing of games and other rowdy and noisy activities in the corridors, hostel lawns or verandahs are strictly forbidden.
  • Residents are required to maintain cleanliness within the Premises. Toilets, Common spaces, Lawns and Adjoining areas of the Hostel. Hostel should be kept clean. Any default will invite penalty/disciplinary action.
  • The Hostel Incharge/ Rector/Warden/Core Committee members of the Hostel have the right to enter any Hostel room whenever necessary even in the absence of the residents.
  • All the resident students have to vacate the Hostel within 7 days of completion of their University examination.
  • If it is found at any point of time that a student has been admitted to the Hostel by furnishing wrong information or documents or by concealment of any vital information regarding Hostel admission rules, her admission will be cancelled forthwith. If any resident is found to be forging parents/local guardian’s signatures, she shall be expelled from the Hostel.
  • Every resident is required to abide by the rules and regulations of the Hostel. Anyone violating any rule will be liable to face disciplinary action. Residents are, therefore, required to read carefully all the above rules & regulations conduct themselves appropriately.
  • A resident must obtain a Clearance Certificate and a Gate Pass from the Hostel office at least three days before he/she intends to vacate the Hostel. A resident must hand-over the complete charge of her room to the Attendant/Housekeeper along with the clearance certificate, while vacating the Hostel accommodation. Gate pass is to be handed over to the Security Guard on duty before leaving the Hostel premises.
  • A student shall not change/interchange her/his room with another student or shift into a vacant room without the written permission of the Rector.
  • Students are responsible for their possessions of all valuables and they should be kept in the cupboard under lock and key. Students shall not leave mobile, ornaments and other valuables unguarded. Hostel authorities will not be responsible for any loss of money, jewelry or personal belongings of any student. Students are advised not to keep any cash/jewelry or any costly items in the room.
  • Students shall not indulge in any political or communal activity which is detrimental to the law and order and/or against the Government.
  • Students residing in the hostel will be staying at their own risk, liability and consequences.
  • Dress Code: The students should be decently dressed when they are out of rooms. For girls, tight body hugging clothes, short tops etc. are forbidden outside the room. The decision, as to what constitutes a decent dress remains vested with the Hostel authority.
  • Hostel Staff: Students shall treat the staff and housekeeping staff of the Hostel with due courtesy at all times. Service of the housekeeping staff shall NOT be utilized for private or personal work. No tips in cash or kind will be given to the staff of the Hostel.
  • In case any resident remains away from the Hostel for more than 15 days without intimating the Hostel administration in writing, it will be presumed that he/she has left the Hostel and Hostel administration reserves the right to take possession of the room and re-allot it to another eligible student. The luggage of the resident concerned, if any, will be deposited in the store/any other room of the Hostel. If the luggage is not claimed within 1 months’ time, the Hostel Administration may dispose it off in any manner considered suitable. A penal rent @ Rs.100/- per day in addition to the normal charges for the period during which the luggage remains unclaimed shall be payable by the concerned person.
  • Suspension/Expulsion order can be implemented with regard to any resident at any point of time on the grounds such as violation of Hostel/University Rules and regulations, Non-payment of dues etc.