Technical & Management Development Center (TMDC)

Managers and Executives of modern-day organizations need to continuously hone their technical skills and upgrade their management acumen, to stay abreast of industry trends and leverage upon emerging opportunities. To instill these employability skills, D Y Patil University has established the Technical & Management Development Centre(TMDC), an independent vertical of DYP University & is mandated to provide technical & training-related support to the industry by leveraging the strength of DYP University.

The center offers training programs for the faculties, and students to the industrial needs & skill based programs for budding young aspirant searching for industrial jobs


    The professional development of the staff and faculty at DYPU is important to:

  • Inform, educate, and inspire people to reach their professional goals.
  • Create a work environment that both challenges and supports people, enabling them to accomplish our goals faster and easier, with less stress and more enjoyment.
  • The DYPU culture actively supports participation in learning activities and the application of new knowledge and skills on the job.
  • Professional development is provided in many different, easily accessible ways to accommodate diverse learning styles and needs.
  • People attending our training programs learn valuable knowledge and skills in ways that enhance learning, retention, and application.

We enhance staff and faculty knowledge and skills with high-quality, accessible training and professional development opportunities to support DYPU’s vision of becoming the best University of our size dedicated to undergraduate/postgraduate education and research.

We are dedicated to supporting the campus community and being a strategic partner to help other departments meet their objectives. As a result of these partnerships, our professional development opportunities create a DYPU workplace that is efficient, effective, and a good steward of resources.